Digital Reputation & Personal Branding Seminars in Health Sector


"Yek Method" is an English-Speaking method which makes people acquire the language in compliance whit their invididual and needs rather than regarding English as a lesson and through which it finds solutation to the problem of "I understand but I cannot speak" thanks to 15 years and 76.000 hours of personal and institutional English and French teaching experience. "Language Coaching" session of this certificate program is performed by Seda Yekeler, Linguist and Education Reformist, who has made thousands of people working in health sector speak Medical English.


"Personal Branding" is a career planing system which has appeared thanks to the reflection of 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and coaching to digital world and thanks to which will contribute to your career planing in digital world."Personal Branding" session of this certificate program is performed by Bülent Ergan, expert prestige and branding, who has helped for career planning of hundreds of senior health professionals.

No matter you are aware or not your branding Journey begins with your birth. We should know that even our gainings which we have acquired through our family whom we have realized our first connection since we were born, creates the grounds of our personal branding Journey.

Personal branding is a positive or negative effect of messages through which the one delivers by using his striking skills such as his knowledge, experience and abilities, which it creates on other people.

Personal branding in digital world has several contributions to the person both materially and morally. As a result of personal branding, the one could transform into a role model who is appreciated by the public, even could be a profesional who earns better than before. Besides, the material and moral satisfaction could provide you to lead a happier life.